Frequently Asked Questions
What languages does Prime Language Services translate?
  • Prime Language Services translates from nearly all languages into English and vice versa, including:
Other Languages


How fast do I get the translation of my document?
  • The majority of our customers receive their translation the following morning.
  • We guarantee a 48-hour delivery, excluding weekends, for orders less than 9 pages.
  • Orders consisting of 9 or more pages may require longer than 48 hours in order to maintain quality standards. Please send us “Request a Quote” form or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a document delivery estimate.
What kind of documents do you translate?
  • We translate ANY documents and ANY materials!
  • Most orders include Immigration Documents: Birth/Marriage/Divorce Certificates; Educational Documents: Diplomas, Transcripts; Legal Documents: Contracts, Agreements, Patents; Websites; Books and Articles, etc.
Do you translate multiple pages and multiple documents?
  • Yes - we translate as many pages as needed and never charge more than $27 per page consisting of less than 250 words.
  • Pages with more than 250 words are charged by word count at a rate starting from 0.09 per word. If you prefer, we will gladly provide a quote - just send us “Request a Quote” form or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • We offer discounts for large and/or multiple orders. Send us “Request a Quote” form or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond to you shortly thereafter.
Do I need to send the original immigration documents, i.e. my birth certificate?
  • No, we do not need original documents. Scans or faxed copies are sufficient.
What does USCIS stand for?
  • USCIS is an acronym for US Citizenship and Immigration Services processing immigration, green cards, visas, etc. It belongs to the Department of Homeland Security and was earlier referred to as INS.
Are certified translations required? Will USCIS (INS) accept it?
  • Absolutely YES. USCIS (United States Immigration Services) require the translations to be certified. We guarantee acceptance of our Certified Translation by USCIS for any purposes, including immigration, green card applications, visas, etc.
Are notarized translations required?
  • USCIS does not require notarized translation; instead, we provide immigration documents that are certified.
  • Often universities, colleges and various agencies require translations which are notarized; therefore, we provide notarized educational documents, including diplomas, addendums and transcripts.
What is your translation process? How do you ensure high quality?
  • Each project is completed by a certified expert translator.
  • Another translator/editor proofreads the translation to ensure accuracy and maintain high quality.
Do you mail the translations to your clients?
  • Certified translations for USCIS are usually delivered via email.
  • Certified and notarized translations are sent via USPS Priority Mail as well as via email.
  • Business translations are delivered according to customer’s preference.
How to fax documents?
  • Fax your documents to (775) 254-1193. Do not forget to include your contact information. Please note that additional time will be required to process the documents received by fax.
Do you provide DTP (desktop publishing) services?
  • We convey the content of the source document in a language of your choice keeping its style, meaning, so your message is never lost in translation. When applicable, we also localize the documents. While our low flat rate does not include DTP services, we will gladly provide them at an additional charge.
Describe your privacy, retention and security policies.
  • Your documents are housed on secure servers and are only accessible by the translators who need to view the files in order to perform translation.
  • All documents are backed-up daily to a secure off-site facility.
  • We will retain your documents for up to two years and then they will be moved to off-site archives. Should you ever wish to have them deleted, just ask!
  • Payment information is never stored by us but is passed along for secure processing using 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • We do not sell or share any client information - ever!
Get Certified Translation
UPLOAD your documents directly on our site, email them to us or fax to (775) 254-1193.

A Certified Translator translates your document. Another translator reviews it for accuracy to ensure high quality.
We complete your translation of up to 9 pages within 48 hours or sooner.

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