Vietnamese translations in San Jose

To obtain certified and, if necessary, notarized Vietnamese translations in San Jose, CA has never been easier and more affordable than with Foreign Document Translations. To translate Vietnamese documents in San Jose or any other city in California (CA) you only need to submit your order online. And we guarantee 100% acceptance by the USCIS!

So how does one translate Vietnamese documents with us?

It is extremely easy to translate Vietnamese documents. Simply place your order online. First choose whether you need certified or certified and notarized translation. Make sure to investigate if you need a hard copy. Certified and notarized translation includes the hard copy of your Vietnamese translation mailed to you in San Jose via Priority Mail. Then attach your document (s) in Vietnamese. These can be scanned files or even pictures taken with any camera or smart phone. By providing your payment you complete the order.

What is a regular turnaround time for Vietnamese translations in San Jose?

Our regular turnaround time for all translations, including Vietnamese translations of up to 9 pages is 48 hours. In fact, we usually deliver within 1 day or 24 hours, but we absolutely guarantee that we will translate Vietnamese documents within 48 hours. And every document is not only translated, but proofread as well for quality and accuracy.

If you have any questions regarding Vietnamese translations in San Jose or regarding the process, payment, terms, etc. on how to translate documents from/to Vietnamese language whether you reside in San Jose, other city in California or anywhere around the United States, simply send us an email and one of our project managers will be in touch shortly thereafter to provide any necessary clarifications. To proceed with Vietnamese translation, simply place the order on our website and we will begin the process to translate your documents right away.

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