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Certified Passport Translation with 100% guaranteed acceptance by USCIS.

The Foreign Document Translation service has expertise to translate various immigration documents, including passports, for USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, US courts and other US authorities. We translate any kind of passports: internal passport, travel passport, etc.

Foreign Document Translation service translates from/to any languages.

We translate any languages, including French, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Arabic and many others. If your language is not included in the list, do not worry. With our vast network of certified translators we can accommodate the translation from any language.

We translate fast: passport translated in less than 48 hours.

It takes our certified translators and proofreaders approximately 12 hours to translate and certify your passport and we guarantee delivery within 48 hours. Learn more. Your certified translation is sent to your email, simply print it and use for any legal, business or personal purpose.

Translate your passport with Foreign Document Translation service. Reviews from our previous customers.

“I had an entire batch of documents in German for immigration translated by Foreign Document Translation. It was the cheapest translation service I found and absolutely the best! I now have my American passport! Thank you.” Katharina, Greenville, SC

“Impressed with how fast my passport was translated from Russian into English.” Boris, Los Angeles, CA

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Original Passport and Certified Passport Translation.

Original Russian Passport

Certified Passport Translation

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