Birth Certificate Translation

100% Guaranteed acceptance by USCIS, US Immigration Services.

The Foreign Document Translation Service provided by Prime Language Services guarantees 100% acceptance of its Birth Certificate Translation by USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Embassies and other U.S. authorities. We translate any birth certificate according to all USCIS requirements.

Certified translation of birth certificates. What does it mean?

Birth certificate certified translation is a translation completed by one of our professional certified translators, proofread by another certified translator, on our official letterhead followed by a statement attesting the translation is accurate and complete. Please see below for a sample.

How fast will I receive my birth certificate translation?

Birth certificate translation takes on average 12 hours and we guarantee delivery within 48 hours. You receive the translation via email, print it out and send it to USCIS, Embassies or other U.S. authorities. There is no extra wait, the process is simple and fast! Learn more.

We translate birth certificates in ALL languages:

Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages.

Birth certificate translation. Customer feedback.

“Foreign Document Translation provided extremely fast translation of my birth certificate, which I needed for immigration purposes, for USCIS” Tatyana, Minneapolis, MN

“My birth certificate translation arrived the same evening and was later accepted by USCIS with no problems” Ksenia, Boston, MA

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Original Birth Certificate and Birth Certificate Translation.

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Certified Birth Certificate Translation

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  1. Mark Kilgore says:

    Birth Certificate translation was a key component for getting our documentation in order for Immigration services. The process was simple and I had my translation in less than 24-hours. THANK YOU!

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