Translate Vietnamese Documents in Des Moines

Vietnamese document translation services in Des Moines and all over the sate of Iowa may be easily ordered with Prime Language Services. We have been in the translation market over 10 years and are capable to deliver not only high quality translations of Vietnamese documents in Des Moines, but also their prompt delivery within 24-48 hours.

How to translate Vietnamese documents in Des Moines?

It is extremely easy now as we accept orders online through our website. Simply have a picture or a scan of your document in Vietnamese that you need to translate. Then go to our website and choose either the service of certified or certified and notarized translation, fill our a simply Order form and you are done.

What types of Vietnamese document translations are available in Des Moines?

We specialize in written translations of any type of documents from/to Vietnamese and English, including legal documents such as birth, marriage, divorce, dead, etc. certificates; educational documents such as diplomas, certificates of completion, transcripts, etc.; court orders and decrees; vaccination certificates and medical documents.

Does USCIS accept your translations and are they certified?

Every day we provide about 30 translations for the USCIS purposes, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Each translation is on the official letterhead, completed by a professional translator and includes the certification required by the USCIS. You will have absolutely no problem submitting the translations of the documents from Vietnamese.

Prime Language Services served and helped hundreds of customers to translate Vietnamese documents in Des Moines, IA (state of Iowa) and all over the United States. With our expertise and resources we can not wait to provide you with the Vietnamese document translation service as well. Whether you need it certified or notarized, one page or multiple, simply submit an order online or send us an email with any questions.

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Vietnamese translations in San Jose

To obtain certified and, if necessary, notarized Vietnamese translations in San Jose, CA has never been easier and more affordable than with Foreign Document Translations. To translate Vietnamese documents in San Jose or any other city in California (CA) you only need to submit your order online. And we guarantee 100% acceptance by the USCIS!

So how does one translate Vietnamese documents with us?

It is extremely easy to translate Vietnamese documents. Simply place your order online. First choose whether you need certified or certified and notarized translation. Make sure to investigate if you need a hard copy. Certified and notarized translation includes the hard copy of your Vietnamese translation mailed to you in San Jose via Priority Mail. Then attach your document (s) in Vietnamese. These can be scanned files or even pictures taken with any camera or smart phone. By providing your payment you complete the order.

What is a regular turnaround time for Vietnamese translations in San Jose?

Our regular turnaround time for all translations, including Vietnamese translations of up to 9 pages is 48 hours. In fact, we usually deliver within 1 day or 24 hours, but we absolutely guarantee that we will translate Vietnamese documents within 48 hours. And every document is not only translated, but proofread as well for quality and accuracy.

If you have any questions regarding Vietnamese translations in San Jose or regarding the process, payment, terms, etc. on how to translate documents from/to Vietnamese language whether you reside in San Jose, other city in California or anywhere around the United States, simply send us an email and one of our project managers will be in touch shortly thereafter to provide any necessary clarifications. To proceed with Vietnamese translation, simply place the order on our website and we will begin the process to translate your documents right away.

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Religious Translation Services

Prime Language Services translation agency owns expertise and years of experience in religious translation services in over 50 languages. Having translated various religious materials for churches, fundraising groups, Sunday schools, etc. our religious translation service is one of the most reliable and competitively priced on the market. With a network of over 200 experienced and certified professional translators we are capable to accommodate any translation requests.

How does your religious translation services work?

We will be glad to translate religious books, brochures for churches, church calendars, bulletins and any other kinds of religion oriented materials. If you only have a couple of pages with up to 250 words per page, we will charge at one low flat rate per page. In case you have a large volume for translation we will offer discounted rates and would recommend for you to send the materials for a quote along with any questions and requirements you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible and depending on your requirements will be able to assemble a team of translators and editors to handle the process fast and efficiently.

Do you proofread and / or edit religious translations?

Any translation project incorporates multiple steps to ensure high quality and accuracy. It is first translated by a professional translator or a team of translators, then it is proofread against the original and edited to fit the targeted audience, style, etc. We can also offer editing services in the source language.

So whatever size and kind of religious translation service you need, we are here to meet your needs in over 50 languages. Our prices are extremely competitive, quality is consistently high and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Let us help your church, community or other religious organization reach more audience and deliver the message to larger amount of masses. Please contact us with any questions regarding religious translation services or simply place your order on our website.

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